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Wedding Photographer is an area of photography I love. My approach is simple, “get maximum results with minimal fuss.”

My aim is to find out what inspires my couples, what they really like, as its important to personalize their wedding photos. Taking a couples wedding photographs without getting to know them is like second guessing their record collection. This is why every wedding I’ve ever photographed has been unique, which is why your wedding photographs should be the same.

Your Wedding Day goes by really fast. Let me spend it capturing its magic rather than standing around photographing loads of group shots. Although I do understand some are important.

Let me work on the photos that really matter while your guests are having lots of fun. Wedding photographs showing memorable moments and stunning bride and groom shots. They are the pictures that bring it all back in years to come.

Most of all, your wedding day should be the best party ever!  That’s why I’m not there to spoil the fun or get in the way. I am like any other guest, just a guest who is great at taking photographs. Photographs that will help you remember your wedding.


Pre-Wedding Shoot

Maybe you are nervous in front of a camera?  I always offer a FREE Pre-Wedding Shoot to my wedding couples. Because it helps them relax in front of the camera therefore building a trust between us.

Being a wedding photographer Lancashire offers some amazing venues which I have got to know intimately over the years. (Samlesbury Hall, Eaves Hall, Stanley House, Mitton Hall, Shaw Hill, Bartle Hall, Bolton School, Fisherman’s Retreat, I could go on)

Wedding Photographer Lancashire

Award Winning Wedding Photographer Lancashire, accredited by FUJI as one of the best UK Wedding Photographers.

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“Frank did an amazing job for our wedding, and for our pre-wedding shoot. We have special photos that we’ll cherish forever. Frank also offers really great packages, and gives you digital copies to use as you want. He is very approachable and friendly, and prioritises the bride and groom, and what they want. We would recommend him to anyone – he’s particularly good at making everyone feel relaxed. Our wedding was in December on a stormy day. But Frank made excellent use of light (with fancy equipment too!) and we have photos that we love – even though the light/weather were very poor. We could not recommend him more highly.. ” – Sarah & John – Samlesbury Hall[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


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