Commercial Photographer Lancashire

Here at Vision Photography we know the importance of striking commercial photography and the impact it can have on a companies image, products and services. Its no good having a great product if your images don’t sell it.

Get Noticed

A good online presence is vital for any company who is looking to attract new business, and also to keep their company image looking fresh to existing customers.

We understand the need for striking commercial photography.

We have top of the range lighting equipment which is ideal for onsite or location based photography. Also our fully equipped studio is ideal for product or personnel images, ideal to produce highly detailed photographs. Perfect for small industrial parts or jewellery.

So whether its location or studio based, we understand commercial photography is so varied, and we love to work with the companies, large or small, to generate great marketing ideas.

Who We Work With

I have produced photographs for companies from industrial to fashion and have developed creative branding and marketing images. These images are very relevant to my clients when pushing their products and services to attract new business. Most of all what makes great commercial photography especially relevant to my clients is the message they wish to send out. Giving them direction above their competitors when it comes to marketing their products.

I have been a commercial photographer Lancashire for over 18 years and have helped to improve the services of many companies. As well as working with commercial companies in Lancashire, I’ve also produced commercial photographs for companies further afield, and cover the UK and Europe.

I love to hear from businesses who are forward thinking in their approach to marketing their products and services.

Great Images sell products!



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[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Some of our Clients:

Police 883 Jeans

UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire)

MacMillan Cancer Research

Channel 4

Preston North End FC

Tom Parker Ltd.

Impact Socket Solutions

North British Housing Assoc.

Market Walk Chorley

Blue Wahoo Clothing

Vivid Clothing

DVM Pigmentation

Helen Bolland Scarves

Arctic Storm Clothing

Fairfield General Hospital

Ken Moore Construction

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